H1 “Young sacks and old jumpers”.

Provocative thesis and humorously intended headline. The cooperation of sometimes four generations often harbors friction and pigeonholing. Perhaps the pigeonholes can be left behind if we engage in a truly open and overarching exchange. Our idea is not to discuss within the generations, but among and with each other.
So we invited experienced managers from among our customers and friends and asked them to bring representatives of the younger generation. From baby boomers to Generation Z, everyone was thus well represented.

During our event, a very lively and also emotional discussion developed between young and old. This showed us that the topic of cross-generational cooperation is more topical than ever! In the discussion it became clear that the described pigeonholing of the different generations does not help us. Let us rather look at what unites us: Search for meaning and an open attitude without hasty evaluation. Another focus of discussion was the younger generations’ desire for individual treatment instead of the collective arrangements still prevalent in many companies. For the future, it means that we need new answers in HR policy and, above all, a new culture of cooperation and leadership. A culture of active listening, jointly reflected implementation and constructive mastery of conflicts. How do you experience this?

The response has encouraged us, motivated us to go into planning for our next ILD Talk. According to the motto – Listening instead of talking! Cooperation instead of generation!

Thanks to @Sylvia Borcherding, for the insights she gave us on the topic of reverse mentoring at 50Hertz / Elia Group!
Thanks to all guests of our ILD Talk yesterday for your participation and trust!
Bernd Fricke (PIN AG), Dagmar Blume (Alstom), Marion Winkenbach (DIN Group), Viola Krzyzanowski (Mercedes-Benz AG), Jeannine Koch (medianet), Janin Winkler (50Herz), Jessica Harrendorf (Mercedes- Benz AG) Miriam R. (50Herz), Jessica Gutsche (Beuth Verlag), Stefan Brausse (Alstom), Jan-L. Flade (Enertrag AG), Lukas P. Meißner (Mazars), Mariyana Lippe (50Herz) Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

ILD wishes Merry Christmas and donates.

Whatever is peaceful. Whatever is beautiful. Whatever is meaningful. Whatever brings us happiness. May it come to us all this Christmas season and in the coming year. May we face the challenges of the times together in peace, safety, freedom and good health.

Thank you for trust, partnership and friendship. All the best to you/your loved ones.

Your / Your ILD Team.
Sabine Flade, Daniela Hewald, Arndt Kempen, Stefan Schönholz, Frank Strathus, Kirsten Strathus, Kerstin Wilke

ILD Donates.

This year, we have dispensed with Christmas gifts and cards and instead donated to Action Alliance Germany for Emergency Aid “Ukraine” and RBV Verlag for a bilingual children’s book for Ukrainian refugee children.

Design the future together.

In this sense, we are looking forward to the cooperation between NAWIDA and ILD, which we celebrated today with the signing of a cooperation agreement . Frank Strathus and Arndt Kempen joined Frank Mathick in signing the agreement.
Through our collaboration, we offer the exciting dovetailing of AI-supported recruiting of high potentials and competency-based selection, development and retention of high potentials for our customers. In addition, our other consulting and qualification solutions will also be accessible to NAWIDA customers via the NAWIDA platform.
Dear Frank Mathick, we are looking forward to working with you and your team.

“The only measure of a great team is …

… whether it achieves what it sets out to do.” Under this motto, we embarked on the ILD teaming journey with the Beuth leadership team (DIN Group). We worked on attitude and behavioral competencies in the team and for the team, approached conflicts in a proactive and solution-oriented manner, and “focused on joint results” in the process.
We would like to thank Marion Winkenbach and Dominik Grau as well as the entire Beuth management team (DIN Group) for their trust and openness to engage in this teaming process in such a committed way and look forward to the next steps. It`s Team-time!