7 Questions for Arndt Kempen and Frank Strathus

1. Which quote touches you most and why?

Arndt Kempen (AK): “I have learned that people will forget what you say and forget what you do, but they will never forget the feeling you gave them.” (Maya Angelou). This sums it up for me: if you want to create and lead effectively, you have to deal with your feelings and the feelings of others in a professional manner.

2. What do you think is necessary to become or be successful?

Frank Strathus (FS): Passion for what I do, so that I can better deal with ups and downs and learn from them. Goals and the way I achieve them are important. Essential, in my opinion, are health, freedom, a certain zest for life, and especially the quality of social relationships.

3. Can you always rely on your gut feeling?

FS: Absolutely. One’s gut feeling is important. Along with family and friends, it is an important, but above all direct and incorruptible corrective. Since there is no such thing as emotion-free thinking, the perception and weighting of one’s own gut feeling is an essential factor critical to success.

4. What do you value about your profession?

AK: My passion is helping people effectively navigate their leadership and collaboration challenges. In our human-centered consulting, coaching and qualification concepts, I have the opportunity to live out my passion in a variety of ways.

5. who or what inspires you?

FS: We live in an age of necessary and meaningful cooperation in order to be able to solve the often complex challenges at all. That is why I am inspired by people who ask questions, listen, courageously take the first step and integrate instead of polarizing. People who exemplify their own values in the best possible way.

6. What is good leadership for you?

FS: Good leadership starts with constant self-reflection. Leadership means empowering others to be successful. I can only succeed if I behave authentically and consistently, manage conflicts and emotions constructively, and shape relationships and situations proactively. Good leadership is respectful and appreciative.

7. Why is creating psychological safety for a team an essential leadership task, especially in times of crisis?

AK: Psychological safety is a precursor to adaptive, innovative performance, which employees and leaders need in today’s rapidly changing environment. By setting the tone for team climate through their own actions, leaders have the strongest influence on the psychological safety of their teams.

Leadership & Money

ILD Leadership Lounge with Andre Machado, expert for “Financial Well Being” and Founder of MoneyMind from Brazil

In the ILD Leadership Lounge (online) the invited guests discuss intensively on a not exactly common topic “Leadership and Money”. The starting point was the fascinating lecture by Andre Machado. Especially in these times of crisis, there were important impulses to look at these topics from new angles.

Leading in turbulent times.

ILD Leadership Lounge with Rolf Erfurt, BVG Board Member Operations.

This was the motto of Dr. Rolf Erfurt’s speech at this year’s virtual Leadership Lounge of the Institute for Leadership Dynamics (ILD). Our guests from top management were impressed by the challenges and the approaches required to lead a system-relevant mobility provider such as Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe well through the Corona crisis.

The participants used the virtual lounge atmosphere for an intensive exchange. Frank Strathus, Senior Managing Partner & Founder of ILD, moderated the discussions.

The Leadership Lounge offers invited deciders a platform to learn about and discuss new impulses and proven best-practice approaches to leadership and collaboration.

With croissants and coffee

On future topics of personnel work and further training

With a “personnel breakfast” at the Capital Club in Berlin, the bbw seminar and training department started a series of events for HR managers from companies in Berlin and Brandenburg. Managing Partner Frank Strathus from the Institute for Leadership Dynamics (ILD) gave a short keynote speech on January 22 before coffee on the current challenges of HR work that is becoming more demanding in terms of quality.

His thesis: Against the backdrop of the megatrends, HR is still far too often acting in a self-protecting manner and too little in the way of research, creativity and agility. This was the start of a discussion in which HR managers and their employees had very different experiences, opinions and strategies. ILD’s experience from years of consulting top management in mainly international companies and as a trainer or educator of coaches and HR business partners led the speaker to key questions such as: What can and what must an HR department do in the future to create value for the company? And finally: What ideas and tools can HR departments use to get on a level playing field with the business during restructuring phases? In the end, the discussion focused not only on croissants and fresh rolls, but also on the crucial topic of training. Training with the right amount of theory and, above all, practice, so that HR managers can position themselves as navigators, especially in times of uncertainty, and work together with the business from the very beginning with courage and curiosity.

HR BP Module 3 successfully completed in Berlin

Once again, the new coworking space of the bbw Hochschule, Am Schillertheater 4 in Berlin-Charlottenburg, was the venue for the HR BP training of the Institute for Leadership Dynamics (ILD). Over the past two days, participants from all over Germany met for the training. Module 3 focused on the topics of Leadership Designer and Talent Manager. The participants were welcomed by the rector of the bbw University of Applied Sciences Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gebhard Hafer and the ILD team, represented by Frank Strathus, Stefan Schönholz. The current business case for training was provided by Ms. Dagmar Blume, Head of Business Development & Sales Bombardier Transportation. Exciting hours and varied discussions combined with interesting examples rounded off the two days in Berlin.