Certified Training as a Conflict Coach
(CDP Practitioner)

Mega trends such as digitalisation, demographic change, new agile forms of organisation, and the clash of different generations are sources of growing conflicts in a rapidly changing work environment. Constructive conflict behaviour and the active management of emotions are still underestimated key competencies in cooperation and leadership. Incomprehensible, since competently managed, conflicts become valuable drivers of culture and innovation. This is your chance as a Conflict Coach. 

Expand your competence profile as a Conflict Coach 

  • ILD Group Certification (open format): bbw University
  • ILD Individual Online Ceritfication (in German or English): Please contact us directly 
  • ILD Inhouse-Certification: Please contact us directly

Conflict competence does not mean avoiding conflicts. Rather, it is about eliminating negative effects and harnessing the positive energy of difference expressed in conflicts. In this way, conflict competence has a tremendously positive impact on productivity, quality and risk management, innovation, and implementing change in every organisation.

Good for your Portfolio

The aim of the licensed training is that you can develop the CDP diagnostic and development methodology, apply its test methods on a fee basis with third parties, and provide qualified feedback and coaching. You expand your role in your business portfolio with the international certified training as a Conflict Coach ™ (CC) and benefit from the CPD method®.

Hints concerning Quality

The training is provided by international master coaches from ILD. As the holder of the European license, ILD is a long-standing cooperation partner of the Mediation Training Institute (MTI) at Eckerd College, FL / USA. MTI is developer and global IP rights holder of the Conflict Dynamics Profile. The master coaches are trained and educated at MTI in the USA. ILD and their master coaches are also members and EU representatives of the advisory board.

ILD Training Conflict Coach

The training is based on the Conflict Dynamics Profile® (method, test diagnostics, intervention & development tools)

Conflicts can be resolved more efficiently through the targeted use of constructive behaviours. Many companies now rely on the Conflict Dynamics Profile® (CDP) method - in recruiting, talent management and organisational development. At ILD, we have further developed this method with the highly practical Conflict Compass®. For this purpose, 15 scientifically examined forms of behaviour and nine forms of emotionality (hot buttons) are used, which have the greatest influence on a conflict. Get to know these triggers and their modes of action and develop targeted conflict competence on this basis.

The Conflict Dynamics Profile® (CDP) is a scientifically standardised test diagnostic method that has been evaluated over the years in cooperation with economy and is considered as an internationally proven profiling and development process in management and team development. The Institute for Leadership Dynamics is glad to be your exclusive contact in Europe.

Target Groups

  • consultants
  • coaches
  • compliance officer
  • mediators
  • trainers
  • HR professionals
  • head Career Centre (e.g. universities)
  • executives

 Areas of Application

  • individual and team coaching
  • innovation management
  • leadership development
  • talent management (e.g. succession management for key functions, career decisions)
  • team composition
  • culture development

Training in Cooperation with the bbw University

This ILD group training is a tried and tested intensive training course and is carried out in cooperation with the university of the Bildungswerk der Wirtschaft (Berlin / Brandenburg). The training takes place in the rooms of the university or at ILD in Berlin. 


Price per person: 1,590 €*

Training 995 €* and certification 595 €* | Registration via the bbw university (see link) or also under:  

Option: ILD also offers this training as a company-related in-house qualification for corporate clients. Please contact us directly.

download information flyer here

Link to the training at bbw University

Contents of the Training in Cooperation with the bbw University

Module 1 - Training

Focus of the training:

  • introduction, motivation, coordination of the implementation concept and dates, procedure, expectation comparison
  • mega trends: future-oriented challenges in collaboration and leadership
  • neurological findings in conflict
  • conflict competence as a key competence for cooperation and leadership
  • What is a conflict and how does it emerge?
  • postural impulses, chains of effects (emotion & behaviour)
  • the economic side of incorrect managed conflicts
  • the cognitive and emotional side of a conflict
  • the method of the Conflict Dynamics Profile® (CDP) with its scientifically standardised and evidence-based test diagnostics
  • CDP-based coaching tools like Conflict Compass® & Emotional Triangle
  • your own CDP profile (CDP feedback report: behaviour & emotions)
  • result interpretation of the CDP feedback report, feedback discussion skills
  • development guide & development planning
  • technical guide to statistics and standardisation
  • team profile and team development with the CDP individual (self-assessment)
  • CDP-related coaching process & application areas
  • my role as a Conflict Coach™ (CC) / CDP practitioner and integration of test diagnostics in your own business role / case

Option in consultation: Promotion of sustainable organisational development of conflict culture: conflict strategy, processes and roles.

The training includes a comprehensive seminar documentation, literature references and additional material inclusively.

Module 2 - Practical Phase with Supervision

For a successful certification, you actively participate in the practical phase (2).

There is a four to eight-week practical phase between the training module (1) and the certification (3). Here, participants with a certification wish, have the opportunity to practice with the free test received during the training module, the preparation, the first own use of a CDP-I (self-assessment) as well as a feedback and coaching conversation with a coach. For this, we recommend the participants to ask a professional or private volunteer in their own environment.

Option in consultation: Supervision in module "practical phase" with learning and development information via skype or telephone

Module 3 - Completion & ILD Certification

The certification by the master coaches of the ILD contains the following emphases:

  • report and exchange of experiences for the first application (practical phase with CDP-I for practicing)
  • report on role-based integration or application possibilities of the CDP method / test diagnostics (business case) with ILD and in exchange with colleagues
  • CDP policy
  • case study as a certification case
  • feedback on certification
  • participant feedback and hints on collaboration

Option in consultation: Brief overview of the CDP 360 and CDP usage in the team development process.

ILD Premium Individual Education (ILD only)

Our premium version is designed as a specific individual training & certification. In this form of training, we are able to flexibly align the training with the individual client and plan it alongside their profession. This applies to content, the method of implementation and the dates.

The start of the individual training is generally possible after consultation within 48 hours (working days, holidays and public holidays excluded). Location: at home, online / digital, phone / skype.

Price per person: 1,950 €* 

Personal individual qualification & certification with individual time schedule | Registration and further information:

Content of the Individual Education (ILD only)

Module 1 - Training 

Self-study ("homework"), digital units, skype and / or coaching sessions (about 15 hours). Executives can book the training part on request without certification.

Session A (via skype or coaching at ILD, duration: approx. 2.5 hours)

  • introduction, motivation, coordination of the implementation concept and dates, procedure, expectations
  • mega trends: future-oriented challenges in collaboration and leadership
  • conflict competence as a key to collaboration and leadership

Session B (self-study)

  • What actually is a conflict and how does it emerge?
  • the economic side of badly managed conflicts
  • the cognitive and emotional side of a conflict
  • literature references

Session C (skype or coaching at ILD, duration: approx. 2.5 hours)

  • the method of the Conflict Dynamics Profile
  • standardised test diagnostics: CDP-I
  • your own CDP profile (CDP feedback report: behaviour & emotions)

Session D (self study)

  • interpretation of the results of the own CDP feedback report & own development planning
  • studying the development guide
  • learning check via intermediate test

Session E (skype or coaching at ILD, duration: approx. 2.5 hours)

  • goals, structure and process of a feedback discussion, usable tools, development planning and development guide
  • team profile and team development with the CDP-I
  • technical guide to statistics and standardisation
  • CDP-related coaching process

Session F (self study)

  • my role as a Conflict Coach (CC)
  • areas of application of the CDP method & possibilities of integration into your own business case
  • marketing / communication planning to the positioning of the CDP method in your own market (internal, external)
  • learning check by intermediate test

Session G (skype or coaching at ILD, duration: approx. 2.5 hours)

  • presentation on session F
  • overview of the CDP 360
  • example: team development with the CDP-I
  • preparation practice phase

The training (module 1) includes a comprehensive seminar documentation, literature references and additional material.

Module 2 - Practical Phase with Supervision

Skype (duration: aprox. 2.5 hours)

  • extra CDP-I for your own use (practice) with a third self-selected person
  • supervision, e.g. to interpret the results and to prepare the feedback discussion as well as to develop your own business case
  • preparation and sending of an experience presentation for certification
  • CDP policy – explanation
  • notes on examination & certification

Module 3 - Completion & Certification

Skype or as a session at ILD (duration: approx. 2.5 hours)

  • exchange of experiences during the practical phase (based on your presentation)
  • business case presentation (based on your presentation)
  • signature and submission of the CDP policy
  • examination case processing
  • feedback on the exam
  • feedback on the training
  • collaboration with ILD
  • international certificate "Conflict Coach" (CDP Practitioner)

Senior Conflict Coach - further Qualification (ILD only)

Following successful certification as a Conflict Coach (CC) and in-depth experience in using the method, CDP test diagnostics and development tools, there is the option of continuing training as a "Senior Conflict Coach" (SCC).

Focus of the Training:

  • best practice for CDP use
  • CDP 360: application, preparation / administration and support, preparation and interpretation of results, moderation in the implementation process of the CDP 360
  • becoming conflict competent: CDP and other tools in direct crisis intervention (e.g. "information wheal & listening cicle")
  • team development with the CDP-I or CDP 360
  • option: face-to-face real coaching as a deepening

The training includes a seminar documentation including literature and supplementary material.

Learning objective:

Accompanied deepening of the learned into practice, tool supplementation and exchange of experience.

Price per person: 1,250 €* (individual training) | 995 €* (training in the group, at least 5 participants) |

Registration and further information:

Further Qualification as a Conflict Trainer (Train the Trainer, ILD only)

After the successful certification as a Conflict Coach (CC) and as a Senior Conflict Coach (SC) and thus a profound experience in using the method, CDP test diagnostics and development tools, there is the possibility of training as a "Conflict Trainer (CDP)".

Focus of the training: TRAIN THE TRAINER

Objective: To carry out ILD vocational training (e.g. in cooperation and certification with ILD).

Price per person: 995 €*

Individual education | Registration and further information:

 *We will block agreed appointments exclusively and bindingly for you. We ask our customers to keep these appointments in the best possible way! In the case of short-term cancellation (24 hours in advance), the time slots can no longer be assigned and therefore we reserve the right to bill separately cancelled appointment blocks with our currently valid hourly rate separately. Details can be found in our terms and conditions. Thank you for your understanding.

*All prices incl. VAT


ILD International Cooperation and License Partners


ILD is a cooperation and licensing partner of the Mediation Training Institute (MTI) and the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) of Eckerd College University in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. MTI and LDI have been working with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) and others for decades, e.g. in developing and establishing new profiling tools and training methods (CCL ranks among the top 5 in executive education worldwide). Profiling instruments such as the Conflict Dynamics Profile® (CDP) are scientifically standardised methods and diagnostic test proceedings that over the years have been evaluated and developed in collaboration with industry and are regarded as internationally proven profiling and development methods where leadership and team development applies. ILD Berlin holds the CDP European rights and is conducting internationally certified trainings for this purpose.





ILD Ausbildungsdreieck

Eckerd College



"As a professor of a renowned private business school, I was initially very distant and now I am glad that I have been trained in this method .. Not only the statistical data such as scientific standardisation are convincing, but in particular the practicality of the application. I have learnt a lot and I will try to introduce the ILD student concept to my students. Congratulations and thanks to ILD."

Prof. and rector of a university in Berlin; 2017

"Highly professional, practice-oriented training with intriguing tools, such as the CPD, the Conflict Compass, and the Emotional Triangle. These are rough diamonds, and I wonder why so many HRs and coaches are still working with these "dusty instruments" that many customers hardly like to see. That's something new and efficient in one of the key issues of the future: conflict."

Personnel Manager of Siemens AG; 2017

"The training as an internationally certified Conflict Coach at the Institute for Leadership Dynamics impressed me. Both the competent knowledge transfer and the excellent practical orientation with many training cases made the training a worthwhile investment for me. The CDP profiling process offers me an extreme sound basis for efficient coaching and rapid effectiveness in conflict resolution and change skills."

Arndt Kempen, Managing Partner of kempen: executive consulting GmbH (former CEO of a public limited company in the healthcare industry); 2016

"To be honest, I was skeptical at the beginning. But now a clear statement: this training is a must for all HR professionals and coaches who want to make a difference in quality. "Thank you very much, ILD, I take so much with me!"

Personnel Manager of an Industrial Company; 2016

"For me as a finance specialist, a whole new world has opened up. Unbelievable how to put such elusive topics such as conflict in a nutshell. The Conflict Compass and the CDP really are absolutely remarkable."

VP Finance & Controlling, Global Player, Transport Industry; 2015

"Congratulations ILD - a highly effective method, great training, Conflict Compass and the tools are great. The high practicality and connectivity to other procedures, I would not have expected so rudimentary. I would like to do more!"

RA, Coach & Mediator (ICF); Managing Partner Institute

"The certification is to be taken seriously. This is convincing regarding the quality and grade of the certification process and the associated certification as a CC in Europe."

Barbara Landers-Schulz; Owner "Career Consulting & Coaching BLS"

"Education: intensive and very practice-oriented. Conflict Compass and CDP test make the difference. Training documents and material can not be beat."

Hubert Beykirch, HR Manager "LinkLaters"

"Fascinating about the method is the high practical relevance, which allows a fast and effective change of behaviour."

Walter Schaff, Director HR Europe, Daimler Financial Services

„...custumer-oriented, very professional training event with high practical value ... "

André Vögtlin, Senior Consultant and Partner „MAS AG", Basel, CH

"Thanks again for the very good seminar (...). I'm looking forward working through the folder again and applying the CDP method many times over. "

Jörg Middendorf, owner of "BCO-Köln", author, board member

"... the highly professional training introduced us to this very valuable consulting method very fast and effectively. We were told that it can be used very widely in our consulting work. In addition to pure conflict issues, the CDP can be used very well for the performance development of individuals and teams."

Marcus Fischer, Partner of the Czwalina Consulting AG, Basel/ CH

Data Protection and Rights

Data Protection

The external data protection audit (2014) of the "Anonymised candidate management" for the Conflict Dynamics Profile® (CDP test procedure) comes to the following conclusion (excerpt, details see downloads): "The entire procedure is completely anonymous in the sense of §6 of the GDPR. The customer does not collect, process and use personal data. The findings of this data protection audit apply to all licensees of the costumer, who take over and use the audited procedure unchanged. "


Conflict Dynamics Profile® - All rights reserved. No part of the CDP and the material may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems in any languages without written permission of Center for Conflict Dynamics, Eckerd College, St. Petersburg , Florida, USA and the Institute for Conflict Dynamics Europe GmbH; Kurfürstendamm 184, 10707 Berlin, Germany (owner of the European CDP-Licence and the translations in european languages). Authorized exploitation of the English edition © 1999 Center for Conflict Dynamics for this edition, published and sold by permission of Center for Conflict Dynamics (the owner of all rights to publish and sell the name) and the © Institute for Conflict Dynamics Europe GmbH, current owner of the exclusive CDP-rights for Europe."

Conflict Compass® - developed & designed by Frank Strathus & Stefan Schönholz © All rights reserved; Based on Conflict Dynamics Profile, 1999 Center for Conflict Dynamics / Eckerd Collage, St. Petersburg FL,USA | Berlin, 2013/2014

CDP Authors

Sal Capobianco, Ph.D. was the Director of Assessment at the Management Development Institute and a Professor of Psychology at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. Sal's research interests are in organizational behavior, particularly the characteristics of effective leaders and the psychological variables underlying group functioning. He received his Ph.D. from Rutgers University and his M.A. from the University of Kansas.

Mark H. Davis, Ph.D. is an award-winning Professor of Psychology at Eckerd College and has authored several highly-regarded assessment instruments, including the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP®). He is the author of over 45 articles and chapters in the area of Social Psychology as well as a book, Empathy: A Social Psychological Approach. Mark is also a consulting editor for Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. In addition to his primary interests in studying empathy, interpersonal conflict and entrepreneurial mindset, Mark has also done research into such topics as why movies released late in the year receive more Academy Award nominations, and whether major league batters perform more poorly in pressure situations. This may explain why he watches so many movies and has season tickets to the Tampa Bay Rays. Mark received his B.A. in Psychology and Political Science from the University of Iowa and his Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin.

Linda A. Kraus, Ph.D. is a court and family mediator as well as a consultant to organizations on issues of conflict, curriculum and training, and evaluation research. She has over 15 years of experience in teaching Sociology and conducting research on social relationships. She received her Ph.D. in Sociology from Indiana University and her M.A. in Sociology and B.A. in Psychology from East Carolina University.

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