myDESTINATION® – Future Planning
for Young Adults


"Under the guidance of business professionals, you receive clarity about yourself, your ideal areas of application and the way how to get there."

Objectives of myDESTINATION® 

  • You will receive answers to the following questions: For which topics does your heart beat? What can you do well? Which environment do you need?
  • You have a clearly formulated self-expression, so that you can confidently communicate your goals, strengths and needs.
  • You know the optimal occupational areas of application and how to evaluate training and career ideas on the basis of specific personal criteria.
  • You receive direct input from practice.
  • You are following a concrete action plan for your future.


Target Group

  • high school graduates who are about to decide on their study programme
  • pupils who are faced with the choice of profession
  • students who are about to start their career or who need clarity about their main fields of study
  • young professionals who are facing further education and career decisions
  • parents who want to support their children in their future decisions
  • companies that want to set the right course for their young employees
  • schools and educational institutions that want to support students in terms of career choice

Scope and Framework

  • individual or group consultation
  • basis: 2 times 3 hours plus own preparation and follow-up
  • option: meeting with parents / employer
  • 3 hours (CV, application training)

We offer companies and training centres individually adapted programmes as well as plenary events.

The implementation takes place in cooperation with Czwalina Consulting AG. myDESTINATION® is legally protected and a product of Czwalina Consulting AG.

myDESTINATION® – Contents

Training (steps leading to the goal)

  1. Life Plan Analysis - Systematic Interview
    Detailed image of your desires, strengths and needs, but also of your dislikes and weaknesses.

  2. Confirmation, Correction and Supplementation of own Findings
    Versatile, strong, internationally recognised instrument allows comparison with representatives of professions, who like their job.

  3. Self Representation
    You can communicate your aims, strengths and needs.

  4. Education and Job Descriptions
    You know your ideal areas of application and can evaluate alternatives and offers based on jointly developed criteria.

  5. Plan of Action
    You know the next steps and you receive support in the implementation.

  6. Application (optional)
    Support in the preparation of a curriculum vitae, application training.


myDESTINATION® – Formats and Prices

Premium Individual Coaching (PIC)

Personal individual training with individual, content and schedule compilation.

Prices per person 1,090 €* 

Dates on demand.

Squad Group Coaching (SGC)

Ssmall group of 5 participants

Price per person 390 €* 

Dates on demand.

Testimonials (Feedback)

"I'm surprised and convinced. Great time at ILD. Have leart a lot about myself. I'm a bit flashed. At first, I did not want to participate, because my parents pushed me a little bit. It was not only fun, but also quite exhausting. Now I am going to the USA for an exchange programme, but with a different focus than originally planned."

Laura S. (high school graduate, 18 years) from Potsdam

"In addition to the test, the coaching is very valuable. I've now come up with a plan and even tools that I can keep working on. And you're in for more."Friends of the uncertain" - just do MyDestination! Thanks, ILD."

Matthias M. (student, 24 years) from Berlin

"Super coaching. I'm surprised how the topics are summed up. Not just the Birkman test, but especially the work with the coach. I had not even thought about it, but now I know what my goal is. Now, I just have to persuade my father, but I also get help with this step. Brilliant, thanks to my mother and ILD. Highly recommended!"

Carina W. (high school graduate, 19 years) from Frankfurt

"Without any imagination, I went into this subject. My godfather, had given me this coaching. First an exciting test, which served as a comparison with my character, my desires and professional ideas. Afterwards,I was surprised how correct and appropriate the results have been. I have not been aware of many of the suggested job suggestions so far, which was really helpful in widening the perspective and finding the right job. This method showed me a career path that I would not have found so quickly without MyDestination.

I can recommend MyDestination at ILD to anyone facing a career decision. It's really worth every euro. "

Jan-Hendrick H. (high school graduate, 17 years) from Hamburg

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