Future Dynamics

Act and lead differently. There is no magic formula but right time perceiving, evaluating and anticipating of future developments and their impact on the work as a leader. This is our picture of "Future Dynamics".

"You can not predict the future, but you could prepare for it!" - that is what we mean under "Future Dynamics".

Mega Trends of the 21st Century

A paradigm shift in leadership and cooperation is the inevitable consequence of the mega-trends of the 21st century. Demographic challenges, the massive increase in psycho-social illnesses, the changing needs of all generations in respect of collaboration and leadership as well as international networking do not permit for "business as usual" to continue. Another approach to working and leading hence becomes the foremost competitive factor.


 ILD is the partner of the top management

  • ILD gives impulses, what are the challenges of the Mega Trends in general
  • ILD focuses on the relevance to your organization
  • ILD supports you to define the right strategic and innovative orientation, business goals, organizational and people action plans and measurements (KPI's)
  • ILD focuses on consulting, coaching and governance of the change projects
  • ILD links you within our ILD Expert Network

 ILD supports you

  • Leadership Lounges "Future Dynamics" - to set impulses
  • Future Dynamics Projects "Exchange Perspectives"
  • Future LABs and Innovation Workshops

  • Network with our cooperation & partners
  • Research with international universities

Let us talk about it.

Changing Perspectives - an example with Bombardier Transportation and the ESCP Europe

Project-Lead: Frank Strathus & Stefan Schönholz
Involved Parties: Bombardier Transportation and ESCP Europe Berlin Campus


ESCP Europe Business School (www.escpeurope.eu) and the technology venture Bombardier Transportation strike a new and unusual path. For one day leading managers of the international division passengers Bombardier Transportation swap their roles with ESCP Europe professors - a changeover that opened up new vistas for all participants.



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