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Compared to traditional referent models an increasing number of companies is recognising the advantages of having an HR Business Partner. This is your chance to reposition yourself: The ILD qualification as an HR Business Partner qualifies you as the designated HR expert who competently combines and steers a company’s personnel issues - and solves problems.

Becoming an equal business partner with great practical skills

An HR Business Partner is far more than a recruiter from the days of old. As equal partner s/he is also a strategic architect, an organizational developer, a consultant and a coach in addition to being a talent manager with a deep understanding of the business. Role-related competence development forms the center of the modular ILD-certified qualification as an HR Business Partner. We provide access to current HR-methods, -techniques and-processes and initiate a cross-industry exchange of experiences. The training is aimed at young as well as experienced professionals and managers in human resources and other business capacities.

Training with high practical relevance

You will be trained by experienced HR Business Partners from renowned companies along with professors and lecturers in the field of Human Resources. In addition to teaching the theory we ensure high practical relevance with overlapping exchanges of insider knowledge, trends and experiences. The training is offered either as an in-house concept or as an individual, part-time coaching (subject-and roll-oriented). The six modules can be booked individually and each one lasts two days.

Target groups:

  • HR professionals
  • Executives


Module 1: Strategic Architect

  • Integration of factors impacting on strategy
  • Understanding business topics and operating figures
  • Linking business and HR strategy
  • Setting priorities related to value creation
  • Navigation through Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Module 2: Organisational Developers

  • Analysis and initiation of changes
  • Organisational and operational structure - forming scenarios
  • Establishing performance- and development environment
  • Managing the business climate and communication 

Module 3: Consultant and Coach

  • Professional conduct as a consultant and coach
  • Know own conflict- and communication profile
  • Needs- and stakeholder analysis
  • Competent handling of conflicts/resistance

Module 4: Talent Manager

  • Acquiring, developing and retaining talent
  • Adaptive personnel planning: diagnostics, talent reviews, promoting young talent, management- and team development
  • Staff competency as a branding tool

Module 5: HR Business Partner

  • Establishment of new HR roles (including conflict- and change coach)
  • Development and management of relationships, values​​, power, borders, intercultural competencies
  • Own positioning in the company

Module 6: Final Module

  • Examination in front of a panel consisting of practitioners
  • Understanding of the roles and tasks
  • Application to own job situation
  • Active shaping of HR value contributions

The modules can also be booked individually.

The lecturers are nationally and internationally highly experienced HR Business Partners from leading companies as well as professors and lecturers in the field of Human Resources. In addition to imparting theoretical knowledge, high practical relevance is ensured (by practitioners for practitioners), as well as a company- and industry wide exchange of insider knowledge, new trends and experiences being encouraged.

The duration is two days per module from 9:00 -18:00.

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