Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP)

4.0 - Adaption Future:
Lead & act differently.

Leadership- & Team-Coaching:
Dynamize collaboration & leadership.

Leadership Consulting: Design
change, solve conflicts.

Leadership Profiling & Evaluation:
Strengthen self-reflection.

Leadership Academy:
Gain sovereignty.

ILD Leading Principals - 4Cs of Leadership®:
Conflict, Communication, Change, Coaching.

Conflict Dynamics Profile
Exclusive in Europe by ILD.

Our Leadership and Performance Agenda

Leading people differs from managing business issues. For us, leadership means enabling others to work or develop successfully. This requires important prerequisites. In addition to the expertise and the personal commitment are above all

  • a (self-) reflective and proactive attitude
  • the steady development of behavioural competences
  • the management of emotions and role-related relationships
  • as well as your own authentic self-concept "leadership"

that make the difference - because only those who know themselves well, can lead others responsibly.

The Institute for Leadership Dynamics GmbH (ILD) is a trusted and credible partner of the management of different organization in Europe. Our main targets in times of digital transformation and change are to strengthen the collaboration and the impact of leadership. To establish and develop the performance and leadership culture we offers

  • Leadership Profiling & Evaluation
  • Leadership Consulting
  • Leadership & Team Coaching
  • and role-based qualifications in our Leadership Academy (Training & Certification)

Thereby, we rely on our management model "4C's of Leadership®" with the key competences of dynamic cooperation and leadership

  • Conflict & Emotion,
  • Communication & Accountability,
  • Change & Entrepreneurship,
  • Coaching as Style of collaboration and leading

We support our clients in change processes in different business phases and topics in a national and international context. On the basis of a detailed requirement analysis, exclusive profiling and the integration with concrete business goals, we establish proactive attitudes for our customers and develop key competences in order to strengthen productivity, innovation and competitiveness. Our vision: work differently, lead differently.


lead4perfomance blau rot

Our vision - Lead4Performance

"Adaptive Leadership" or our "Lead4Performance" means to share responsibility, to focus on the success of organizations, to create an adaptive working environment and culture, with a resilient and high performing workforce.


Our mission - Act and lead differently.

Our Institute drives the Leadership and Performance Agenda of Business, People, Organization and Culture. Our passion is to strengthen leadership effectiveness and adaptiveness. Therefore self-reflection about attitude, behavior development, emotion management are key for individuals and teams.

Dynamise Attitude & Key Competences in Collaboration and Leadership 

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ILD Leadership Academy

4Cs Auditing & Profiling®

4Cs Leadership- & Team-Coaching®

ILD Leadership Consulting



Our leadership concept: With our protected 4C's of Leadership® (Conflict & Emotion, Communication & Accountability, Change & Entrepreneurship, Coaching as Style of Collaboration and Leading), we empower you to develop those skills in a targeted way for yourself and others.

For executives not only the knowledge, understanding and anticipation of the 4C's are in the foreground, but also a targeted development of the key competences, in order to increase strengths and develop potentials.

Furthermore, the maintenance and improvement of performance (health) is becoming increasingly important. That is how we make managers and their teams fit for upcoming challenges. Together, we always focus on your strategic business goals.


  Leadership Profiling 
           & Evaluation

Conducting evidence-based 4C's profilings / leadership evaluation of executives and their teams.

> Leadership Profiling

  Leadership- & 

Coaching is help for self-help (capacity building) and basically open-ended and unintentional. In this sense, we actively accompany executives and their teams in the targeted development of key competences in cooperation and leadership, as well as in concrete conflict and crisis situations.

> Executive- & Team-Coaching
> Conflict Resolution
> Best Placement
> Cross-Cultural Coaching
> Mental Healthcare Coaching

  Leadership Consulting 

We help clients with workable and efficient problem solutions and support them in restructuring and stabilisation phases as well as in phases of growth and change. Activities in top international management functions form the basis of our know-how.

> Leadership Consulting
> Future Dynamics

  Leadership Academy 

Execution of evidence-based trainings of executives as well as the certified training of coaches, trainers, consultants and the qualification of HR professionals after thorough profiling with highly practicable and scientifically standardised test diagnostic methods.

> 4Cs-Leadership-License®
> Ausbildung Conflict Coach™
> Ausbildung Entrepreneur Coach™
> Qualifizierung HR Business Partner 4.0™
> Qualifizierung Intercultural Trainer
> myDestination® - Zukunftsplanung

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