Committees and jury: Nominate and select the award winners.

Every nomination has its own story. Therefore, the selection of award winners must be plausible, independent, fair and comprehensible. We try to fulfil this requirement in the best possible way with the committee-related division of roles and tasks as well as the annually rotating, diverse composition of the jury team.

The Leadership Award Management.

The award management consists of the ILD Leadership Award founders or the overall executive management. The Award Management can make nominations, but has no voting rights in the selection of the Award winners.

Tasks of the Leadership Award management:

  • Leadership & management of the award ceremony
  • Committee organisation with the right to appoint and fill positions
  • Relationship & co-operation partner management
  • Appointment of the Award Core Team

Members of the Award Management:

  • Bernd Fricke, business representative
  • Stefan Schönholz, founder of ILD and the ILD Leadership Award, Chairman
  • Frank Strathus, founder of ILD and the ILD Leadership Award, Chairman
  • Andreas Schröteler, chartered accountant
  • Andrea Wilke, lawyer

The Leadership Award Core Team.

Four to six members of the Core Team are part of the annual Award Jury. The Award Core consists of 15 permanent members with representatives from business, science, associations and the Award sponsoring organisation.

Tasks of the Leadership Award Core Team:

  • Forming the annual jury together with the award management
  • Contributing its own network, expanding and maintaining networks
  • Carrying out the annual nomination, evaluation and selection process
  • Right to nominate and vote on the selection and decision of the annual award winners

Members of the Leadership Award Core Team:

  • Prof Ayad Al-Ani (Science)
  • Melanie Bähr (Economics)
  • Dagmar Blume (Economics)
  • Michael Casser (advertising agency)
  • Johannes Czwalina (Economics)
  • Rolf Erfurt (Economy)
  • Sabine Flade (ILD)
  • Prof Gebhard Hafer (Science)
  • Arndt Kempen (ILD)
  • Jörg Nuttelmann (Economy)
  • Stefan Moschko (Association)
  • Michael Pfeil (Economy)
  • Hilga Pothmann (Economy)
  • Stephane Rambaud-Measson (private sector)
  • Grit Westermann (Economy)
  • Kerstin Wilke (ILD)
  • Christoph Winterhalter (DIN e.V.)

The Award Management.

Frank Strathus

ILD Sen. Managing Partner & Founder


Stefan Schönholz

ILD Founder


Bernd Fricke

Member of the Management Board PIN AG, Member of the Advisory Board ILD


Andreas Schröteler

Auditor, Member of the ILD Advisory Board


Andrea Wilke

Attorney at law


The award juror pool.

The open award jury pool consists of changing individuals who are committed to establishing overarching cooperation and effective good leadership. Accordingly, all ILD Leadership Award recipients are automatically members of the jury pool. These are executives from business, science, media and associations as well as representatives from politics and society.

The main tasks of the Juror Pool Rotation are to participate in the annual nomination, evaluation and selection process, provided they have been appointed to the annual jury for the Award Team’s award process. Here, too, the best possible diversity should be taken into account when making appointments.

The formation of the annual Award Jury.

The members of the annual Award Jury (approx. 8 to 12 jurors) are appointed by the Award Management and the Award Core Team and are made up equally as follows:

  • Jury members from the pool of jurors
  • Jury members from the Award Core Team
  • The greatest possible diversity in terms of gender, generation and substantial management experience should be taken into account.

The Award Jury 2024.

Melanie Bähr

Berliner Volksbank


Dagmar Blume


Head of Strategic Projects / Turnkey

Rolf Erfurt

Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG)

Member of the Management Board

Jessica Gedamu

Springer Nature

VP Global Diversity, Winner of ILD Leadership Awards

Arndt Kempen

Institute for leadership Dynamics GmbH

Managing Partner

Prof. Gebhard Hafer

bbw University, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian State Railways


Jörg Nuttelmann

GE Energy Power Conversion GmbH

General Manager

Stefan Moschko

Siemens AG & President of the Employers’ Association Berlin – Brandenburg

Head of People & Organisation Germany

Hilga Pothmann

Goinger Kreis

Member of HR-Think Tank „Goinger Kreis“

Daniel Schmidt

DIN e.V.

Member of the Board

Grit Westermann

PSD Bank Berlin – Brandenburg

Chairman of the Executive Board