Lead successfully with the 4Cs Leadership Compass.

At management level, self-reflection and the continuous development of key competencies are important. We support deciders with this proven qualification program, which sustainably strengthens their leadership effectiveness, sovereignty and team competence.

4Cs Leadership Compass® – the leadership program.

Megatrends such as a constantly changing world of work, demographics, digitalisation, AI, New Work and the collaboration of four generations in the workplace require a constant review and realignment of collaboration and leadership. Based on international studies, our experience and our own analyses, we have identified four essential key competencies of collaboration and leadership that have the greatest influence on leadership quality and leadership culture. These are:

  1. Communication & Clarity
  2. Conflict & Emotion
  3. Change & Entrepreneurship
  4. Coaching & Compassion

4Cs Leadership Compass® – modules and focal points

In our proprietary concept The 4Cs of Leadership®, the four essential key competencies of cooperation and leadership are summarised and placed at the centre of this qualification, making leadership a new experience and agility a natural part of the corporate culture.

This qualification programme will enable you to reflect on your own personality, motives and attitude, recognise your own skills and potential and develop your behaviour in a targeted manner by means of internationally scientifically standardised, evidence-based profiling. This takes place in a business and role context.
Your in-house qualification programme for managers

This ILD qualification programme is generally divided into 6 modules and can be tailored to your company’s specific needs. For this purpose, a joint needs analysis and a content and methodological focus are carried out in advance. Proven modules and contents can be

Module 1: Find Yourself – Attitude & self-awareness

  • Trends in and basics of leadership
  • Self-reflection on leadership attitude and understanding
  • Key competences of cooperation and leadership

Module 2: Lead Yourself – Mastering Communication

  • Communication in transformations, crisis, conflict and stress situations
  • Profiling & development of communication skills

Module 3: Lead Yourself – Mastering Conflicts

  • Successfully managing conflicts
  • Profiling & development of communication skills

Module 4: Lead Yourself – Coaching others

  • Profiling & coaching others to develop competences and potential and to successfully manage different situations
  • Profiling & development of enabling competences

Module 5: Lead Teams – Designing of effective teams

  • Successfully leading and developing teams
  • Team profiling and alignment

Module 6: Lead Transformation – Shaping Change

  • Leadership is change, influence and entrepreneurial responsibility
  • Diagnosing potential for change, initiating and actively shaping change
  • Profiling & development of change competences

Final module: Leadership Kitchen

  • Leading is authentic, pro-active and consistent, adaptive and situational
  • Leading is proactive relationship management
  • Coached leadership and role simulations & feedback sessions

All modules include comprehensive seminar documentation, literature references and supplementary materials.

Benefits of our qualifications.

Qualification with a high level of practical relevance: You will be trained by experienced HR business partners from renowned companies as well as professors and lecturers from the field of human resources. In addition to teaching theory, we emphasise a high level of practical relevance with a comprehensive exchange of insider knowledge, trends and experience. The training programme is offered as an in-house concept or as individual, in-service one-to-one coaching (subject and role-related). The six modules can be booked individually and last two days each.

Target groups.

  • Executives
  • Experts and project managers with management tasks
  • Junior managers
  • HR professionals
  • “Successful HR work is a question of attitude! For this reason, we have for years regularly taken advantage of the opportunity to provide our HR Business Partners with unique impulses for role-specific further development in ILD’s open HRBP program at the bbw Hochschule. (…) The consistently positive feedback from all our participants encourages us to gladly continue this joint path with ILD.”

    Stefan Moschko | Head of HR Germany, Siemens AG

  • “The presentation of a real case as part of the HR Business Partner qualification was also a great experience for me as a case giver. The open exchange with the participants gave me new impulses, exciting suggestions for solutions and also really creative ideas that led to ‘thinking out of the box’. I am impressed by everything that happens in this training and the high level of qualification and certification. Keep it up!”

    Dr. Michael Pfeil | Site Head Dessau + Biotechnology/Vice President, Merz Pharma

  • “The combination of theoretical knowledge transfer and practical cases, always customer-oriented and highly professional, inspired me. Since there was always time and space for the group to share their experiences, valuable impulses broadened their own view and strengthened their attitude. Great group dynamics, intensive exchange in a feel-good atmosphere. Thank you very much, ILD!”

    Sarina Blume | HR Business Partner, Cornelsen Publishing Group

  • “I now look deeper, have a greater understanding for others and also for myself and my actions. It was a great qualification with a lot of heart and soul and commitment from the ILD instructors. And in the end I can say: I have developed attitude and impact – phenomenal and repeatedly confirmed by my business!”

    Susan Benack | HR BP Siemens AG

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