Conflict Competence Training Program.

The qualification format for professionals and managers in the finance/controlling area. As strategic conflict, change and relationship managers, you get the most out of your role – for yourself and the company.

  • Individual formats: We clarify all details in a joint initial meeting.

Programme for the development of conflict competence

Conflict competence has become one of the key competences of cooperation and leadership. It is therefore an important aspect of personal and professional development. Based on the scientifically standardised and long-term evaluated method of the Conflict Dynamics Profile®️ (CDP), we use this programme format to specifically develop your conflict competence. The following aspects are important here:

Kick-off: Online meeting

  • Getting to know each other
  • Presentation of the programme
  • Harmonisation of expectations
  • Coordination of dates
  • Answering questions

Profiling for conflict competence (online in advance)

Module 1: The world of conflict

  • Latest trends, types, levels and laws of conflict.
  • Latest neurological findings in the context of conflict
  • Self-reflection on the profiling results – understanding your own reactions to conflict, analysing your own feelings, thoughts and behaviours during conflict.

Module 2: Method of the Conflict Dynamics Profile®️ (CDP) and the ILD Conflict Compass®️

  • Conflict context: Understanding the principles of impact between emotion and behaviour
  • Conflict behaviour: Learning about and developing the behaviours that have the greatest impact in a conflict
  • Hot buttons: Getting to know your own emotional triggers and opportunities to develop empathy

Module 3: Practising CDP conflict techniques and securing transfer

  • Conflict management practice: exchange on practical experience in dealing with conflicts and active practice via coached role simulations
  • Conflict & communication: the interplay between conflict competence and effective communication
  • Transfer of what has been learnt: Obtaining feedback from others to develop conflict competence
  • Conflict prevention: recognising conflict potential and promoting constructive conflict behaviour

Developing conflict competence is an ongoing process that requires time, practice and commitment. By consciously dealing with conflict situations and consistently working on conflict behaviour and the management of emotions through coaching, you can continuously improve your competence in dealing with conflicts.

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