ILD Season`s Greetings!

Dear friends and partners of ILD,

Time is running and as we are close to year end, we would like to say thank you! For your trust and our ongoing and appreciative partnership. We look forward to another year of joint creation, exciting challenges, new thinking spaces, new opportunities, and lasting connections.

The entire ILD team sincerely wishes you a holiday season filled with love, laughter, magic and the warming company of your family, friends, and loved ones. And a happy new year full of peace, health, happiness, and well-being, both professionally and personally.

Your ILD Team

Build great teams.

In today’s complex business world, strong leadership teams are the key to success. But how do you develop an effective leadership team that works optimally together? The answer often lies in leadership team coaching. Here are four key benefits that such coaching offers:

1. improved communication and collaboration:
Leadership team coaching encourages open and effective communication within the team. This builds trust and strengthens collaboration, which leads to better results.

2. stronger leadership skills:
Coaches help team members to develop and optimise their individual leadership skills. This can significantly improve team dynamics and overall team performance.

3. clarity of purpose:
Leadership team coaching sessions help to develop shared goals and a clear vision for the team. This ensures that everyone is working in the same direction.

4. conflict resolution and stress management:
Coaching sessions provide a safe space to address and resolve conflicts. They also provide support in coping with stress and developing crisis management strategies.

Management team coaching is an investment in the future of an organisation. They help to build strong leadership teams that are able to overcome challenges, drive innovation and lead the organisation on the path to success.

Teamfocus is a strategic decision and a question of attitude. Time to move!

Compared to individual focus, setting a team focus is not only a strategic decision, but also a question of attitude on the part of the acting managers.
managers. Is overarching teamwork important (to me)? Is an appearance as a management team important?
Team focus is now regarded as a critical success factor, particularly in management, as it shapes culture and builds brand.
However, team spirit does not develop on its own. Outstanding individualists often do not integrate well into the management team and everyone prefers to do “their own thing”. Team players sometimes have less confidence in themselves than they are actually capable of. “Speakers” dominate the scene. Conflicts are avoided and “artificial harmonies” are created that don’t really get anyone anywhere. There is also often a lack of clarity and prioritisation because people like to avoid conflicts here too. Deliberate ambiguities, not having to commit oneself, open the door to political games. The focus on common goals and results is then also thwarted by often contradictory individual target agreements.
Finding clarity and a common understanding of key challenges requires a constructive struggle and argument to find the best solution. The consistent implementation of jointly made decisions shows the degree of real commitment.
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ILD Leadership Award 2023 – Special Supplement

Last week, under extraordinary circumstances, we were able to present our fourth Leadership Award 2023 winner at short notice.

It was special that Oleksandr Kayshin was unable to attend this year’s award ceremony in June 2023 due to the war, and the Leadership Award for leadership in times of crisis was presented retrospectively on short notice for security reasons. The award nomination was made months ago by renowned external parties and met with a thoroughly positive response from our jurors. We are very proud to be able to present the award to Oleksandr today, together with a large part of this year’s jury. From the jury’s point of view, Oleksandr distinguishes himself as Chairman of the Board of Ukrainian Railways by the fact that he has succeeded in effectively managing, maintaining and, above all, keeping the railway operations, which are so important for Ukraine, as safe as possible during the war. This means above all mobility, stability and perhaps also a bit of normality for the people in these most difficult times of crisis!
An impressive personal introduction to Oleksandr and his team. With our jurors Dagmar Blume, Rolf Erfurt, Bernd Fricke and Gebhard Hafer we were able to organise a spontaneous and adequate setting at the Berlin Capital Club. These were special hours for everyone with intensive exchange, direct and heavy insights. We all stand by Oleksandr, his team and Ukraine!
It was an honour for us, dear Oleksandr, to be able to get to know you and to award you.

HRBP qualification successfully launched in new design

Last week we successfully launched our intensive HRBP qualification in the new small group concept design with HR experienced participants from different institutions and sectors. The first module was characterised by questions of attitude, first self-reflection on key competences, the perception of different roles as HRBP and the application of proven tools and techniques. One of the aims is to be able to perform one’s own HRBP role even more effectively, confidently and consistently. The first feedback from the participants was very good, promising and confirming that the new concept works.