Your success factors: Authenticity, humility and self-reflection.

Leadership and collaboration work best when everyone involved can be themselves. Our systemic coaching approach helps you to reflect on your leadership personality, your motives, your own attitude and the central key competences in the role context, to derive targeted development options and to implement them according to the situation. We also support you in change processes, in networking and in situations of upheaval or crisis. Lead effectively and become a driving force and creator!

  • Individual formats: We clarify all details in a joint initial meeting.

Making the most of your role.

As an executive, you should be able to shape your role in the company independently and successfully. Executive Coaching with ILD helps you and your team to be authentic and to use strengths successfully. You gain more sovereignty in dealing with resistance, conflicts and in unclear situations. You are the expert for your topics. You remain in charge of which insights you want to gain and implement. As coaches, we help you find the path to success – with process and method selection as well as with questions, interventions and impulses.

Analysis, feedback, development

Executive coaching is designed to help you help yourself. It begins with your questions and the test-based profiling of your 4Cs leadership skills, role expectations and systemic influencing factors. Coaching focuses, for example, on

  • Reflections on your personality and your own motives
  • Alignment of attitude
  • Management of emotions
  • Targeted development of role- and leadership-related key competences (4Cs key competences)

We discuss your profiling results together, for example against the background of your personal situation and professional challenges. Together we draw up your personal development plan and help you to implement it. If you wish, we can accompany you as “silent observers” during your working day, for example, and then discuss together how you can best anchor your development goals in your day-to-day work (CoachingBySide). Neurological knowledge is just as important as situationally adaptive leadership principles. Mental healthcare management, cross-cultural management and other factors can also be integrated.

Executive Coaching

Our central concern is to support you in overcoming your professional or role-related challenges as a manager. It is often insecurities and conflicts that keep us awake at night. As an independent coach, we can help you in a mutually trusting, open and respectful dialogue atmosphere. Self-reflection is at the beginning of your development journey and every further stop means assessing which development goals are suitable for you, how these can be transferred to your role perception and established in a sustainable way.

Team Coaching

Teamwork is a strategic decision, you either want it or you don’t. Teamwork is therefore a question of attitude. Team spirit does not develop on its own. Outstanding individualists do not integrate well into the team and everyone prefers to do “their own thing”. Team players sometimes have less confidence in themselves than they are actually capable of. Speakers dominate. Conflicts are avoided and artificial harmonies are created that don’t get anyone anywhere. There is also often a lack of prioritisation because conflicts are avoided here too. The focus on common goals and results is often thwarted by individual target agreements. We support managers and their teams in building trust, managing conflicts constructively, generating commitment and developing shared responsibility for goals and results*.

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Very effective coaching that helps you to anchor new behaviours in your everyday working life. The biggest challenge, apart from self-recognition and the clarity of your own development goals, is the will to implement and transfer. Here we coach you at your workplace on site, we accompany you on an hourly or daily basis, e.g. in discussions and meetings, obtain anonymous feedback on request and reflect together on the experiences in the context of your development goals.

  • ILD is the proven partner for systemic management consulting and development for all topics! The entire ILD team consists of very experienced consultants with excellent business backgrounds. This combination creates a very open, creative and effective climate in which the issues almost solve themselves.”

    Marko Müller | Head of HR, HRBP international Merz Pharma

  • “The cooperation with ILD is characterized by trust, respect and appreciation. The discussions, impulses and joint implementation plans have proven to be very valuable. Both personal development and that of the entire team have benefited greatly from the expertise of our ILD coaches.”

    Dominik Grau | Management Beuth Verlag

  • “The long-term professional support of many aspects of the transformation through theoretical training with practical implementation, the coaching of individuals or conflict intervention in critical phases are foundations for the successes in change. Not least due to the pleasant, open and natural manner of the ILD coaches and ILD managers, I can highly recommend a cooperation.”

    Daniel Schmidt | Member of the Board & CFO, DIN

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