tracks4me: Planning for the future for young adults.

Today, young adults have the choice between countless apprenticeships, courses of study and professions. But transparency of suitable options and thus good orientation and planning are often crucial for a successful career start. tracks4me® helps you find what suits you. Under the guidance of business and HR professionals, you will gain clarity about the best matches for you.

  • Planning for the future for young adults.

  • Individual offer: We clarify all details in a joint initial meeting.

Which future suits me?

This varied coaching provides well-founded answers to important questions: For which topics does my heart beat? What am I good at? Which environment suits me? We help you to find the right answers and to formulate them clearly. This way you can confidently communicate your goals, strengths and needs. You will find out which professional fields are best suited to you and which personal criteria you can use to correctly evaluate possible training and career ideas. In return, you will receive direct input from the real world and be able to pursue your concrete action plan for your future: Let’s go!

What are the specific contents?

  • Life plan analysis – systematic interview.
    Detailed picture of your wishes, strengths and needs, but also dislikes and weaknesses
  • Confirmation, correction and supplementation of your own findings.
    Our versatile, internationally recognized method allows you to compare yourself with professionals who like their job.
  • *Self-expression
    You learn to communicate and successfully convey your goals, strengths and needs
  • Training and job descriptions.
    You know your ideal fields of application and can evaluate alternatives and offers with jointly developed criteria
  • *Action plan
    You know the next steps and receive support from us in their implementation
  • Application (on request)
    Support in the development of a resume and application training

Who can benefit from it?

  • High school graduates who are about to make a study decision
  • Students who are about to make a career decision
  • Students who are about to start their careers or are looking for clarity regarding their major field of study.
  • Young professionals who are about to make further education and career decisions
  • Parents who want to support their offspring in making future decisions
  • Companies that want to set the right course for young employees
  • Schools and institutions that want to support students in their career choices

Individual Coaching

Personal one-on-one training with individual, content and schedule composition:
  • 2 × 3 h plus own preparation and follow-up.
  • Option: meeting with parents or employer
  • 3 hours of resume and application training
  • Dates on request

Group Coaching (only on request)

For families, friends, companies and educational institutions we offer individually adapted programs (e.g. small groups of 2 or 4 participants) as well as plenary events. For this purpose, important preconditions (e.g. with regard to confidentiality) and suitability of possible formats must be clarified together in advance.

Curi­ous now?

If you would like to learn more about our offer or have a spe­cif­ic in­quiry, please send us a mes­sage.

Your direct contact:

Kerstin Wilke

Kerstin Wilke, Managing Partner at ILD