Phases and processes: From nomination to award.

The annual process for the nomination and presentation of the ILD Leadership Awards is divided into various phases, which are managed and supervised by the Award Management.

Important dates for the Leadership Awards 2024

Preparation phase

  1. Kick-off meeting award management: 20.02.2024
  2. Kick-off meeting jury (alternative dates): 22.03. or 26.03.2024

Proposal and nomination phase

  1. 01.04.24 to 20.04.2024 (18:00 h): Submission of proposals for nominations of possible award winners
  2. 01.04.24 to 08.05.2024: Examination of the proposals for nominations according to the award criteria and plausibility, among other things, and optionally with online meetings with the submitters (mentors)

Selection & decision phase

  1. 20 May to 3 June 2024: Review and discussion of the confirmed nominations by the members of the Award Jury
  2. 04/06/2024: Final voting and decision meeting of the award jury
  3. 27/06/2024: Award ceremony in Berlin

1) Preparation and nomination phase.

The preparation starts with a kick-off meeting of the award management in February, in which the roles and responsibilities, the time and process planning, further organisational issues as well as the marketing and PR activities are discussed. Another focal point is the appointment of the annual jury from the Award Core Team (permanent jury) and new, annually changing jury members.

Also in February, the selected jury members will be asked whether they will be part of the award jury for this year and thus finalised.

The annual award jury meets for the first time at an online kick-off meeting in March. At this meeting, everyone gets to know each other and the philosophy, the award design, the timing and organisation of the award ceremony, the roles, tasks, responsibilities, key confidentiality and data protection aspects and the interaction between the committees (rules of the game) are discussed.

Proposals and nominations.

There are various ways in which individuals or teams can be nominated for the Leadership Award:

  • Nominations by members of the award jury
  • Proposals by the award management (the award management has no voting rights in the selection process)
  • Proposals for nominations via the ILD homepage
  • Proposal queries in the network
  • Suggestions from the entire network

The mentor (submitter) of nomination proposals can use the contact field on the homepage or the e-mail address, for example:

The award management then contacts the submitter (mentor) in order to better understand and comprehend the nomination proposal using a semi-structured interview and discussion process. The possible further procedure will also be discussed, such as

  • Check of Leadership Award criteria
  • Transparency and traceability of examples
  • Written justification signed by at least one other supporter from the top management of the respective organisation (4-eyes principle).
  • Additional references would be desirable
  • The award management reserves the right to contact the additional mentors and selected references for nomination

The mentor (submitter) will of course be kept in the feedback and voting loop during this part of the process.

The award management makes an initial check of the proposals to see whether the essential requirements and criteria for an award nomination have been met. If this is not the case, the mentors are informed that the proposal cannot be accepted.

The proposals checked in this way are then scrutinised by the award management with all available references and justifications, compiled examples and additional information from the interviews with the mentors to determine whether the nomination can be confirmed.

Only the confirmed nominations are finalised and passed on to the annual award jury or made available in the protected ILD portal for selection and decision-making.

2) Selection and decision-making phase.

Award management: The award management has the right to propose, advise, coordinate, moderate and document the annual selection and decision-making process. The award management has no voting rights in the final selection process with the exception of multiple failures of the jury to reach agreement or in the event of a stalemate in the 3rd voting round (see below). The award management commits the jury to confidentiality and compliance with data protection.
If profiling is used, the award management conducts the results and feedback discussions with the nominees (approx. two-hour online feedback session), prepares the results and presents them to the jury.

Award Jury: The annual Award Jury reviews the confirmed nominations (shortlist), which are then reviewed again in a “Final Call Meeting”. Only the Award Jury is authorised to vote on the final decisions. The award is presented according to the 2/3 principle in the first round of voting. The majority principle is applied in the 2nd voting round. If a third round of voting is necessary, the award management team has an additional right to vote in order to resolve any stalemate situations. Jury members who are also mentors of confirmed nominations may not vote on this nomination.
The award jury undertakes to maintain confidentiality and comply with data protection regulations.

3) Award ceremony.

The presentation of the 4Cs Leadership Award by ILD takes place in June of each year. The aim is for all award winners to be able to attend with their mentors.

A presentation in absentia is only possible in justified exceptional cases. In this case, the award management and annual award jury reserve the right to postpone the award presentation in the event of non-attendance.

Appropriate marketing measures will be coordinated and implemented by the award management before, during and after the event with those directly involved in the personal context of the award jury, award sponsors and submitters.