Corporate culture makes the difference.

Employees usually do not leave their organisation, but their boss. Our audits diagnose the status of the leadership culture and leadership quality of the organisation or corresponding units. It is an ILD evaluation procedure with which we show you where your organisation stands in terms of leadership culture. We advise and support you in establishing a constructive culture of conflict, feedback and development and in dynamising the leadership culture.

  • positively influence employees’ development contributions.

  • Individual offer: We clarify all details in a joint initial meeting.

Audit objective and procedure (example)

Our ILD Leadership Culture Audit is a structured process designed to assess the quality and effectiveness of leadership in an organisation. Selection of our steps, which are adapted and carried out according to need and situation:

  1. Audit objective: to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the leadership culture, examine specific leadership qualities or identify specific areas for improvement ?
  2. Audit planning: target-related definition of the scope of the audit, the areas to be audited and the methods to be used
  3. Analysis of the degree of implementation and quality of HR policy instruments and processes such as talent management systems, leadership development programmes, semi-structured interviews with managers and employees
  4. Implementation in accordance with the audit plan: conducting interviews, development centres, analysing survey data and documents, reviewing policies and procedures and observing leadership behaviour
  5. Data collection and analysis: collecting and analysing all relevant data, identifying trends, patterns of action and improvements (e.g. effectiveness of communication, handling of conflicts, empowerment of employees)
  6. Evaluation of surveys, 360-degree feedback, development centre results, talent review results, analysis of personnel-related documents and observations
  7. Stakeholder-related presentation of the audit results with recommendations for action to improve the leadership culture and leadership quality, proposals for measures to monitor effectiveness and presentation of the overall result achieved
  8. Option: Regular review of the effectiveness of the implemented measures

A leadership culture audit can help to raise awareness of the importance of positive and effective leadership and support the organisation in developing a culture that promotes employee engagement, productivity and well-being in equal measure.

Audit categories

  1. Future leadership culture – Audited
  2. Effective leadership culture – Evaluated
  3. Excellent leadership culture – Awarded
  4. Dynamic leadership culture – Special awarded for dynamic transformation

Leadership is different today.

Deciders sometimes lack self-reflection, authenticity and good relationship management based on appreciation.
Since the competitiveness of companies is increasingly determined by the cultural quality of cooperation and leadership, trusting, cooperative, coaching and situational leadership has become a relevant success factor. Cultural Diagnostics with ILD shows what you need to do to positively influence the contribution of employees to the company’s development.

Culture as a Game-Changer.

A constructive culture of conflict, feedback and development is of central importance for the success of a company. By investing in good collaboration and leadership, you can achieve an unbeatable return on investment. Our integrative approach focuses on diagnosing and aligning attitudes, managing emotions and developing the 4Cs key competencies. At Cultural Diagnostics with ILD you will learn how to make transformation processes more effective, efficient and sustainable.

  • “My board colleague Daniel Mohaupt and I have once again worked with the professionals from ILD on their professional selection process for filling 2 important key leadership positions. 5 candidates learned a lot about themselves in an assessment centre and showed us a lot about themselves. They felt very comfortable in the process. We ourselves, were very convinced by the methods and profiling of ILD EvaluationHours. We were also able to get a very good picture of each individual applicant, both internal and external, and make a good decision. Thanks to ILD (Frank Strathus, Arndt Kempen, Kirsten Strathus), we can only recommend both your methods for personnel selection and the profilings!”

    Grit Westermann | Chairwoman of the Board, PSD Bank

  • “The most impressive thing about the 4Cs method is the justified conflict focus and the combination of scientific standardization with high practical relevance, which enables a fast and effective behavioral change. ILD has been highly professional in guiding us in this. Thank you.”

    Walter Schaff | Director HR Europe, Daimler Financial Services

  • “As part of our global ‘Conflict Resolution and Mediation Conference’, Frank and Stefan held a very well received best practice session. Due to the close cooperation we could state: a really good investment in our knowledge. ILD is on the cutting edge as a leading Leadership Institute.”

    Kelly Kirschner | Vice President and Dean of Executive and Continuing Education at Eckerd College, Florida/USA

  • „At first I was skeptical and attended the first appointment more out of curiosity. But views that I was actually comfortable with began to waver, while on other issues I was encouraged to continue on the path I had chosen. There are statements from my coach that I won’t soon forget and that I continue to use as a guide today.”

    Dr. Bärbel Wernicke | DIN Head of LUW (Leben und Umwelt/Living and Environment)

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