Those who know themselves are better able to lead others.

Do you know your key competencies? Can you use your personal assets productively? In our diagnosis and feedback process, you will find out where your potential lies. You learn to act more confidently and solution-oriented and to communicate more successfully in change processes.

  • Competence assessment as the basis for leadership success.

  • Individual offer: We clarify all details in a joint initial meeting.

Identify profile – leverage strengths.

Those who know their abilities in different situations and use them wisely can act confidently and solution-oriented even under stress. In an intensive process, ILD uses scientifically standardized and proven diagnostic procedures to determine your conflict and emotion profile, your value profile, your communication profile, your personality and development profile, and your matching with job profiles. From the analysis, we derive optimization proposals for your targeted personal development and are happy to accompany you in the transfer to your everyday work.

Techniques for optimal teamwork.

With interviews, audits, and 360-degree feedback, you discover methods that enable you to properly assess employees, experts, and managers. Well-founded and secured personnel decisions are the result. An anonymous team profile shows the perspectives for an optimal cooperation of all employees. ILD offers profiling as individual coaching for executives, as combined individual and team coaching in ongoing operations.

Conflict Dynamics Profile® – Your conflict profile decides.

The CDP method offers universally applicable profiling instruments and crisis intervention tools: Conflict competence is specifically developed as an essential factor of cooperation and leadership.

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Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® – Think and act entrepreneurially.

Permanent change brings new challenges for managers and experts. We show how you can proactively shape change, seize opportunities and strengthen your innovative power.

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  • „Das Bestechende an der 4Cs-Methode ist der berechtigte Konfliktfokus und die Kombination wissenschaftlicher Normierung mit hohem Praxisbezug, der eine schnelle und effektive Verhaltensänderung ermöglicht. ILD hat uns hochprofessionell hierin begleitet. Danke.“

    Walter Schaff | Director HR Europe, Daimler Financial Services

  • „Im Rahmen unserer globalen ‚Conflict Resolution and Mediation Conference‘ hielten Frank und Stefan eine sehr gut angenommene Best-Practice-Session. Aufgrund der engen Zusammenarbeit konnten wir feststellen: eine wirklich gute Investition in unser Wissen. ILD ist als führendes Leadership Institute auf dem neuesten Stand der Technik.”

    Kelly Kirschner | Vice President and Dean of Executive and Continuing Education at Eckerd College, Florida/USA

  • „Anfangs war ich skeptisch und habe den ersten Termin eher aus Neugier wahrgenommen. Aber Sichtweisen, mit denen ich mich eigentlich wohlgefühlt habe, sind ins Wanken geraten, während ich bei anderen Themen bestärkt wurde, den eingeschlagenen Weg weiterzugehen. Es gibt Aussagen von meinem Coach, die ich nicht so schnell vergessen werde und an denen ich mich auch heute immer wieder orientiere.”

    Dr. Bärbel Wernicke | DIN-Abteilung LUW (Leben und Umwelt/Living and Environment)

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