Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile: als Unternehmer denken und handeln.

The permanent change in the economy and society and the associated change processes bring new challenges for managers and experts. Proactively shaping change, taking risks, seizing opportunities and strengthening innovations are becoming essential for the success of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Profiling & Coaching: Using the EMP test diagnostics.

Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® (EMP) is a scientific, evidence-based method to diagnose and specifically develop entrepreneurial thinking and acting. In doing so, the EMP profiling measures personality traits or skills to strengthen self-reflection and develop innovation. In this way, you dynamize your role-related competencies.

In today’s era of complex business issues and extensive market changes, organizations require profound rethinking to maintain or develop competitiveness. This inevitably leads to questions:


What unique talents and strengths increase opportunities to succeed in today’s workplace?


What competencies are needed to develop the organization, culture, people, and teams in ways that continue to maintain or ensure a competitive edge?


How can I balance risk and opportunity, strategy and execution, stability and change in a way that maximizes potential and opportunity? How can I form and develop a team? What does it take, besides an idea, to move the “horsepower” of employees and teams from idea to implementation?

All these questions focus on one central point: Entrepreneurial Mindset.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset is essential for growth and innovation. Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® (EMP) is the profiling tool that diagnoses and specifically develops the necessary attitudes and competencies. EMP supports executives and their teams, entrepreneurs as well as students in these topics. EMP was developed by the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) at Eckerd College. LDI has been a network partner of the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) since 1981.

Dynamize your role-based competencies: As a strategic partner of the Leadership Development Institute (LDI, USA), we provide internationally certified training in EMP: ILD certification as Entrepreneur Coach (EMP Practitioner).

ILD has been using the EMP method since 2014.

Get trained or certified in key competencies of collaboration and leadership.

ILD products (based on EMP):

  • Profiling (e.g. for decision makers, high potentials and teams).
  • Evaluation”:/en/products/diagnostics/evaluation/ (e.g. for decision makers, high potentials and teams)
  • Qualification as Entrepreneur-Coach (e.g. for coaches, consultants, HR)
  • 4Cs of Leadership®: Change Module (for decision makers)
  • Executive Coaching and Team Coaching (e.g. EMP as leadership and team profiling tool)

Individual Report.

The EMP Individual Feedback Report is the result of self-assessment and contains 14 competencies on entrepreneurship. The results are mirrored to two norm groups: Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs (employed managers, e.g. with P&L responsibilities).

Group Report.

The EMP Group Feedback Report includes results from a group, team or organization. This always requires a minimum number of three completed third-party assessments per group.

Institute for Leadership Dynamics (ILD) is the long-standing strategic partner of the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) and the Mediation Training Institute (MTI) in Europe – both renowned institutes of Eckerd College University (FL, USA), which have been working in close cooperation with the world-renowned Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) for over 30 years. CCL is one of the top 10 leadership institutes worldwide.