A good team is better than the individual talents of its members.

Team spirit does not always develop on its own. Outstanding individualists often do not integrate well into the team. Team players sometimes have less confidence in themselves than they are actually capable of. Team Coaching with ILD finds out exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie and which measures are necessary so that the team members trust each other and everyone in the team is happy to give their best in the long term.

  • Authenticity as the key to leadership and team spirit.

  • Individual formats: We clarify all details in a joint initial meeting.

Individual profiling plus team profiling.

For successful team development, ILD combines individual profiling with the team profile, the team vision, the team values and team goals. The foundation of our offer is your business strategy and the essential goals derived from it.

An exemplary process.

After clarifying the business strategy, the first step is the individual profiling of all team members. On this basis, we diagnose key competencies and develop an individual coaching process that takes into account the roles in the context. To this end, we define individual learning objectives and development measures. With an anonymized team profile we define values, goals and development measures and develop a team vision. The results are matched with the business goals and implementation-oriented measurement criteria (KPI) are defined. As a follow-up, we offer role-based, impulse-giving implementation coaching based on the method The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team.

  • “The cooperation with ILD is characterized by trust, respect and mutual appreciation. The discussions, impulses and joint implementation plans have proven to be very valuable. Both personal development and that of the entire team has benefited greatly from the expertise of our ILD coaches.”

    Dominik Grau | Management Beuth Verlag

  • “The individual workshops were interesting, varied and full of knowledge. Especially the different methods for self-reflection in the individual aspects are very helpful.”

    Project Controlling Team | 50Hertz Transmission GmbH

  • “The most impressive thing about the 4Cs method is the justified conflict focus and the combination of scientific standardization with high practical relevance, which enables a fast and effective behavioral change. ILD has been highly professional in guiding us in this. Thank you.”

    Sabine Flade | Consultant & Executive Coach

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