ILD Leadership Award 2023 – Special Supplement

Last week, under extraordinary circumstances, we were able to present our fourth Leadership Award 2023 winner at short notice.

It was special that Oleksandr Kayshin was unable to attend this year’s award ceremony in June 2023 due to the war, and the Leadership Award for leadership in times of crisis was presented retrospectively on short notice for security reasons. The award nomination was made months ago by renowned external parties and met with a thoroughly positive response from our jurors. We are very proud to be able to present the award to Oleksandr today, together with a large part of this year’s jury. From the jury’s point of view, Oleksandr distinguishes himself as Chairman of the Board of Ukrainian Railways by the fact that he has succeeded in effectively managing, maintaining and, above all, keeping the railway operations, which are so important for Ukraine, as safe as possible during the war. This means above all mobility, stability and perhaps also a bit of normality for the people in these most difficult times of crisis!
An impressive personal introduction to Oleksandr and his team. With our jurors Dagmar Blume, Rolf Erfurt, Bernd Fricke and Gebhard Hafer we were able to organise a spontaneous and adequate setting at the Berlin Capital Club. These were special hours for everyone with intensive exchange, direct and heavy insights. We all stand by Oleksandr, his team and Ukraine!
It was an honour for us, dear Oleksandr, to be able to get to know you and to award you.