Teamfocus is a strategic decision and a question of attitude. Time to move!

Compared to individual focus, setting a team focus is not only a strategic decision, but also a question of attitude on the part of the acting managers.
managers. Is overarching teamwork important (to me)? Is an appearance as a management team important?
Team focus is now regarded as a critical success factor, particularly in management, as it shapes culture and builds brand.
However, team spirit does not develop on its own. Outstanding individualists often do not integrate well into the management team and everyone prefers to do “their own thing”. Team players sometimes have less confidence in themselves than they are actually capable of. “Speakers” dominate the scene. Conflicts are avoided and “artificial harmonies” are created that don’t really get anyone anywhere. There is also often a lack of clarity and prioritisation because people like to avoid conflicts here too. Deliberate ambiguities, not having to commit oneself, open the door to political games. The focus on common goals and results is then also thwarted by often contradictory individual target agreements.
Finding clarity and a common understanding of key challenges requires a constructive struggle and argument to find the best solution. The consistent implementation of jointly made decisions shows the degree of real commitment.
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