10 years of ILD - 10 years on a good course.

“Ku’damm 184” – no, this is not another episode of a popular multi-part-TV-series. This was our first ILD company address! Rolex downstairs, a property management company upstairs, us on the fourth floor as subtenants in a small office overlooking the dreary backyard. However, after years of international management experience, also with the certainty that there is a serious lack of good cooperation and leadership in business and society.

Back then, we were often ridiculed if we even brought up topics such as conflict, emotions or leadership effectiveness. Today, it has long been proven that dealing wisely with emotions, uncertainties and resistance, as well as how to behave in conflicts, are key topics for effective and successful collaboration and leadership.

Was it good intuition, experience or coincidence that marked our path at ILD? We tend to think a combination of everything. For us, this always includes humility and the ILD-typical “being in love with success”. Our self-image is important: we are partners at eye level, not service providers or trainers. Only in this way can we work effectively with our clients, create trust and achieve the best possible solutions.

ILD strategy meeting and farewell Stefan into retirement (Mallorca with families in October 2019).

10 years ILD – 10 years on a good course. Everything done right? Certainly not, but your feedback shows us: The compass is calibrated. The course is right. The trim is right. We are sailing hard on the wind of successful cooperation and leadership.

We would like to say thank you. Thank you for your trust, for your feedback, for your support and for the many years of partnership!

Also in the future we will stand for you under the motto “Lead: Yourself. Teams. Transformation” with innovative and proven solutions. We are looking forward to many more successful years of partnership.

Arndt, Frank, Kerstin, Stefan and the ILD Team