Toxic relationships

Yesterday, toxic relationships were the focus of an exciting TV interview by ProSieben. Our project partner Dr. med. Dirk Stemper psychologically explained the role of basic beliefs and patterns in unhealthy relationships in our ILD Leadership Lounge. Even though it was mainly about unhealthy couple relationships, their causes, patterns and consequences, the bridge to the strongly changing world of work is quickly made.

Leaders need to listen to the concerns of their staff and recognise when toxic relationships arise. They must truly understand conflicts, their causes and effects on others as well, question patterns and, above all, proactively address such disruptions and lead them to a sustainable solution. In order to be able to meet this core requirement of leadership, the development of conflict competencies is considered an essential and success-critical factor. Targeted measures in the area of conflict management can create a more positive and healthier working environment. This not only promotes the satisfaction and productivity of employees and managers, but is also immensely important for transformation projects. A constructive conflict culture strengthens the entire company.

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