AI-supported recruiting by ILD

Digitalisation has greatly changed the way we work in recent years. Especially in HR, there are more and more possibilities that can make work easier and faster. One of these possibilities is the combination of AI-supported recruiting and profiling-based assessment centres (AC).
AI-supported recruiting ensures that only the most promising applicants are invited to the assessment centre. This saves time, money and resources. Afterwards, the results of AI-supported recruiting can be verified and deepened through the profiling-based assessment centre. The use of scientifically standardised and evidence-based diagnostics on individual core competences provides information not only for matching with the requirement profile for filling the position, but also for “matching” in the future team and the culture of the organisation. In addition, the use of profiling strengthens the candidate’s self-reflection. So it’s a win-win for both sides. By using different AC elements, candidates also have the opportunity to demonstrate their competencies and skills in various situational and competency-based simulations.

The interaction of AI-supported recruiting by NAWIDA with the profiling-based assessment centre or development centre of the Institute for Leadership Dynamics (ILD) offers you the opportunity to improve and accelerate the recruiting process. You can save time and resources while ensuring that the best candidates are selected. In each of our processes, the focus is on issues such as clarity for decisions as well as appreciation and development impulses for the candidate.