There is also positive energy in every conflict: you can use it!

Wherever people work together, conflicts arise. Deciders then often have to act as conflict managers and take on unfamiliar responsibilities. With Conflict Coaching from ILD you develop constructive conflict competence for yourself and your team. You learn to defuse crises and to proactively explore ways to resolve conflicts. This is how real innovative power emerges from disputes.

  • Professional conflict resolution and proactive mitigation.
  • Individual offer: We clarify all details in a joint initial meeting.

Developing help for self-help.

Unproductive conflicts and crises require coping strategies – from developing conflict awareness to knowing one’s own conflict profile to de-escalation. In conflict coaching, we combine profiling of the conflict partners with professional tools for conflict management, conflict resolution and conflict prevention. In efficient individual coaching sessions and parallel team coaching sessions, specific competencies are further developed, a common language level is found, rules of the game are defined and conflict energies are positively aligned.

Use ability to take responsibility.

Every conflict is different. Therefore, the chance for a solution always starts with one’s own conflict profile and knowledge about the function and effect of emotions and conflict behavior. Personal responsibility is therefore the core topic of Conflict Coaching with ILD. Based on the Conflict Dynamics Profile®, deciders and HR professionals learn techniques that enable them to take responsibility for themselves, the situation, the conflict and, last but not least, for the conflict partner.

  • “I would not have even begun to believe that it is possible to return to a normal state of cooperation within a few days with a lot of courage, clarity and consistency. ILD highly efficiently and effectively diagnosed the conflict, initialized self-reflection and solutions, coached and actively accompanied in the implementation. An unconditional recommendation.”

    CEO | International Transportation Company

  • “The most impressive thing about the 4Cs method is the justified conflict focus and the combination of scientific standardization with high practical relevance, which enables a fast and effective behavioral change. ILD has been highly professional in guiding us in this. Thank you.”

    Walter Schaff | Director HR Europe, Daimler Financial Services

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