4Cs-Leadership Evaluation & Profiling®

Are you a true professional in your field? Congratulations! But do you know your key competencies? Can you apply your profile effectively at any time? During our intensive diagnostic and feedback process you will discover the impact you have on others and where your potential lies. You will also learn to discern techniques that aid you in not only correctly assessing yourself, but also in appropriately evaluating other experts and executives. 

4Cs Leadership Evaluation & Profiling® - skills assessments as the basis of leadership success

If you know and understand your own skills profile in varying situations, you can act confidently and pragmatically even under stressful conditions. Individual 4Cs-Leadership Evaluatiuon & Profiling® allows you to determine your behavioural preferences - and thus your impact on others - in a compact, intensive process. This analysis allows us to collectively derive targeted development measures. We will also aid you in its implementation by accompanying you with tailor-made coaching interventions.


Management Audits & Assessment Center

We are experts of Management Audits & Assessment Center (AC). Based on our 4Cs of Leadership® and our Profiling instruments we develop and execute Audit or ACs focussing on key competencies of collaboration and leadership.


Target groups:

  • Executives
  • Experts
  • Key Talents
  • HR-Professionals
  • Corporate governance


4Cs-Profiling of Individuals

When using ILD 4Cs Auditing & Profiling® (4Cs of Leadership®) we employ internationally academic and evidence-based diagnostic tools, including:

  • Your conflict- and emotional profile
  • Your communication profile
  • Your entrepreneurial profile
  • Your personality profile
  • Your work-life-design
  • Your job profile


CDP Kasten

 EMP Kasten

 LIFO Kasten

 Golden Kasten



4Cs-Profiling of a Team®

Based on the individual profiling the anonymous team profile demonstrates the team's preferences as well as the development possibilities in matching the team vision. Through the use of intense feedback sessions, individual coaching and combined individual and team coaching sessions as well as employing audit or assessment centers, we discover where the most effective optimization potential exists. During a joint consultation we will gladly determine which profiling model promises the greatest benefit for your situation or your business.



Areas of application

We provide customized concepts of Profiling, Management Audit or Assessment Center for individuals or teams. Our focus therefore is to support Talent Management decisions:

  1. Recruiting candidates for key positions
  2. Development candidates for key positions (e.g. succession management)
  3. Leaders-Check-up (for own development)

These results are a suitable supplement to existing informations focusing on development targets.



Various models of development

  • Feedback conversations: constructive feedback on how you are perceived
  • Individual coaching and development training for executives
  • Combined individual- and team coaching
  • Combination with ILD Liquid Coaching possible: continous development work during operational management 


  • Talent Management: gaining, retaining and developing experts and executives
  • Management Audits & Assessment Center


Objectives and benefits

  • Discovery and targeted development of key competencies
  • Certainty and effectiveness in personal decisions
  • Improvement of cooperation and leadership
  • Strengthening of innovative powers

Our Methods

Carefully selected, academic and evidence-based, internationally proven diagnostics.

  • Conflict Dynamics Profile® (Conflict & Emotion)
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® (Change & Accountability)
  • LIFO® (Communication & Change & Life)
  • Profiling Vaklues® (Value based Collaboration & Leadership)
  • MBTI & Golden Profiler of Personality® (Personality & Stress)
  • Birkman® (Personality & Job)


Our Vision: Act and lead differently.


„The longer we stay on our misfortunes, the greater is their power to harm us." Voltaire


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