Qualify means: I know how to do something properly.

Decision makers, HR specialists and business partners should not only consider their function in the company structurally, but also bring in their individual personality. ILD shows you how to fulfill your role optimally. Using certified methods, we qualify you to become specialists for successful leadership and collaboration – with us, with you or online.

4Cs Leadership Compass® – the leadership program.

Four key collaboration competencies are at the core of the ILD solution approach. By implementing Conflict Resolution, Communication, Change Management and Coaching as a Style, you develop skills that radiate positively to the entire team. With our exclusive concept 4Cs of Leadership® responsibility becomes tangible and agility a natural part of the corporate culture.

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HR Business Partner 4.0 – you become a partner at eye level.

The qualification makes you a proven consultant and coach, a business partner in strategic and qualitative HR topics, who bundles HR issues interprofessionally, aligns them strategically, manages them efficiently and solves problems effectively.

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Conflict Coach (CDP Practitioner®) – expand your competence profile.

Conflict is a key competence in collaboration and leadership as well as in change processes. Coach others to manage conflicts competently and more successfully with proven tools.

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Red Hot Chili Presentation®

Präsentieren und Positionieren out of the box – kreativer, wirkungsvoller, erfolgreicher!

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Entrepreneur Coach (EMP Practitioner®) – recognize the potential of your team.

Successful intra- and entrepreneurs respond to change with rapid responsiveness, innovation and risk-taking. Coach others to be more successful in bringing their ideas and entrepreneurial spirit to fruition.

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Senior HR Business Partner – make the best use of your expertise.

Qualified HR Business Partners can expand their knowledge and exchange ideas with practitioners. Effective collaboration, leadership and professional role perception are the focus.

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Finance Business Partner 4.0 – you act more successfully.

The qualification shows you how to get the most out of your role as a strategic influencer, communicator, conflict, change and relationship manager – for yourself and for the company.

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